Apple, Imagine Dragons, SAP team up to aid humanitarian project

Apple, the Imagine Dragons rock group and SAP (which provides enterprise application software and software-related services)  have teamed up to release a single, "I Was Me," that will support the refugee humanitarian project. 

“The refugee crisis is incredibly urgent in terms of the number of vulnerable people being affected every single day. As a band we wanted to get involved and decided to partner with SAP and Apple to try and make a difference,” said Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons," told Forbes.

All proceeds from the song, which costs US$1.29, will go to the United Nations Refugee Agency. SAP, organizing the effort under the One4 Project banner, has promised to donate an additional 10 cents per purchase up to the first 5 million downloads. That could amount to an extra $500,000, according to Forbes. Funds raised will benefit the UN Refugee Agency in their efforts to provide aid and assistance to the increasing numbers of people forced to flee their homes due to conflict and violence.