Twelve South ParcSlope: A new MacBook stand with a bit of history

Charleston, SC-based Twelve South is a favorite accessory manufacturer for a lot of Apple fans, and for good reason. The company creates accessories only for Apple products, and the designers have a reputation for making high-quality gear that combines both style and substance. With the new ParcSlope MacBook stand ($49.99), Twelve South brings a bit of Apple -- and Big Apple -- history into play while being a totally modern functional accessory.

The name? Parc refers to Xerox's famed Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), the facilty where Steve Jobs and other Apple notables first laid eyes on the graphical user interface and mouse that would define the Apple Lisa and Macintosh. Park Slope is a trendy and desirable Brooklyn neighborhood. So the wordplay used in the name of this product pays homage to both the long (31 years!) history of the Mac and to a trend-setting part of New York City.

ParcSlope is made of aluminum and matches the exterior of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro precisely. When a MacBook is placed on the stand, it's raised above the desk or tabletop just enough to provide a more ergonomic view of the screen. The bottom of the MacBook screen is at about three inches, so users look directly at the screen instead of looking down. The keyboard of a MacBook is placed at a comfortable 18° angle, making typing and trackpad operation easy on the hands and wrists. 

On the bottom of the ParcSlope are small rubber feet to keep the aluminum structure from moving and scratching the surface it's sitting on. The slanted surface has a protective silicone mat with three ridges in it that provide clearance for the screen of an 11, 13 or 15-inch MacBook to swivel up and into viewing position. Using a 17-inch MacBook Pro? No problem, as the back of that behemoth hangs beyond the rear of the ParcSlope and has plenty of clearance.

The back of the ParcSlope has a small rectangular opening that's perfect for routing cables, so it becomes a useful desktop dock as well. As with the majority of Twelve South's products, the construction and even the packaging of the ParcSlope is top-shelf, and it's a product any MacBook user will be proud to own.

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Apple World Today Rating: ★★★★★