Apple is the most searched smartphone brand in 141 countries

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BusinessFinancing has analyzed the global monthly search volumes of smartphone brands on Google to find out which smartphones are the most popular in various countries. Apple dominates the list as the most searched brand in 141 countries with 23,000,000 global monthly searches.

Huawei is a favorite in eight countries in Africa, including South Africa. Tecno Mobile, Samsung and Asus are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th most popular brands. Other, not-necessarily-about-smartphones findings from the study:

° Netflix is the most searched brand in the highest number of countries (92). 

° However, Amazon is the most searched brand by volume (335.4m monthly searches). 

° Starbucks is the most popular brand in 143 countries, making it the most dominant brand in any one sector (coffee shops). 

° Heineken is the world’s most popular beer, with the highest search volume in 77 countries.

You can read the entire original study here.

Methodology of the study

Business Financing gathered a list of consumer brands from Forbes, the Financial Times, GameDeisnging.org, BrandDirectory, ICT Buzz, FashionUnited, WorldAtlas, and Interbrand, as well as industry publications and reports. The team then shortlisted the final list of consumer brands, focusing on those that represent products and services. They excluded the likes of Google and Facebook. 

Next, the team then used Google Ads API to extract search volume data, gathering the monthly average of searches over the last 12 months for brands alone (e.g. “Nike”) and brands with the corresponding sector appended to a keyword (“Nike clothing”) to account for the skew in search volume figures for generic terms and expressions, such as “Apple,” “Amazon,” etc. They did this for every country in the world with data available as well as every state within the U.S. 

For the United States, the most popular brand was taken as the brand with the highest share of search volume in a given state within its category compared to the share of search volume in the whole of the U.S. 

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