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How to use Tab Groups in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Apple gave Safari an overhaul with iOS 15/iPadOS. Not everyone is crazy about the overhaul, but among the changes is Tab Groups. 

Tab Groups lets you lump relevant tabs together and switch between them whenever you need to. In other words, the feature is akin to having a “folder” of tabs. 

You can create, view, and manage Tab Groups from Safari’s overview screen in iOS 15 and  iPadOS 15. Here’s how:

° Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

° Tap the Tabs button at the corner of your screen. You’ll see a tab count at the bottom of your screen. 

° Tap it to access Tab Groups. You’ll see the current Tab Group and, below this, the option to make a “New Empty Tab Group.” Or you can create a Tab Group from all your open tabs. 

° Pick which option you prefer.

° Name your new Tab Group and select Save.

Safari will switch to this new Tab Group. You can switch between your Tab Groups from the tabs overview screen. Long-press on a tab from the tab overview to move it to a different Tab Group.

To remove a Tab Group, tap on Tabs at the bottom of the tab overview screen and then swipe left on the group to access the Delete option. You can also use this step to rename a Tab Group.

Dennis Sellers
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