Tuesday, September 27, 2022

College laptops: five reasons the Mac is the best

By Nancy Howard

From the very first MacBook, Apple started to sell its computers to students. With important necessities in mind, Apple did its best to perfectly match their quality with the price while providing a lot of discounts for those who consider the quality of their education a priority. 

These were the primary reasons for the popularity of these devices among students and young professionals. But there are five modern reasons that every Mac owner can name regardless of their status, profession, and business or personal needs.

Despite the higher cost of Apple laptops, they are becoming the number one choice among most students around the world. Understanding the advantages of a device is just as important as real ratings academic writers that help with coming up with an essay. Why does Mac have so many fans when you can buy a less expensive laptop? According to a 2019 study, 71% of students are using or would like to use a Mac, so below are 5 key reasons that unite Apple fans around the world.


Mac laptops are not ordinary laptops; they are often quite thin gadgets that may seem very fragile. However, a lightweight but still durable design is often the main criteria for choosing this particular brand. Almost all Mac models can be carried seamlessly in a backpack and offer a smaller size than many competitors. Such sizes allow students to carry a laptop with dozens of textbooks but without overloading the spine. 

Brand status

Perhaps one of the primary reasons why students choose Mac is the brand. Many modern youth can’t imagine their lives without Apple’s gadgets and this brand promotes a cult of personality. Many people tend to think that Windows users belong to the faceless masses, while Mac users are individuals. This is certainly a judgment, but ask any Apple user why he or she is choosing this brand and be sure that brand status will be one of the reasons. 


Almost every Mac user can say that the laptop is durable. A laptop bought for high school may work perfectly until college graduation — and this covers the high cost of the Mac. Mac notebooks are developed to be used for a long time, in contrast with other brands that encourage users to buy their gadgets as often as possible.

Apple laptops are also more powerful, and they are enough to cope with complex programs without overloading the system. For example, some personal computes from other brands are only suitable for net-surfing or searching essay writing website reviews, but during even basic work with Photoshop, they may start slowing down.But it cannot be said about the MacBook, which is considered a reliable “workhorse.”

Fewer problems with viruses

Mac computers have an advantage over other laptops because of there is less of a problem with viruses, malware, and things of this nature. Mac security is much higher than that of other laptop manufacturers, even against the background of recent online fraud rise

Integration with other Apple devices

Those who choose a Mac as a laptop most likely have other Apple gadgets. Macs can sync with them which means that you can take pictures, create documents, and send automatic emails from any Apple device. This makes the MacBook even more attractive since it is not an easy task to achieve full synchronization of your smartphone with a PC. The Mac opens up a lot more functions for syncing gadgets.

Wrapping up

We can conclude that the Mac laptop wins over customers with its versatility and the fact that it gives much more than most students need at a reasonable price. Having spent money once, you can get more than just a gadget for study but also a laptop that will later serve as a tool for solving business issues.

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Dennis Sellers
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