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Report: 79% of users want Touch ID to make a comeback in future iPhones

Wearing face masks are mandatory in lots of place;  however, has hindered the face recognition technology of newer iPhones, and users have been struggling to get their phones unlocked while in a public setting, according to SellCell.

The folks behind the site for selling phones online say they’ve checked in with iPhone users to understand how they are dealing with the situation, whether they would like to see Touch ID make a comeback, and more.

For this survey, SellCell collected responses from more than 2,000 U.S.-based iPhone owners with an iPhone X or newer models. Key takeaways from the survey:

  • 74% reveal they have had trouble with Face ID in a public setting, as opposed to 26% who say otherwise.

  • When asked how frustrated they were with Face ID not working as intended while wearing masks, here were the responses: Extremely frustrated (19%), Very frustrated (27%), Slightly frustrated (38%), and Not at all frustrated (16%).

  • More than three in 10 (32.6%) admit to removing their face mask to help Face ID recognize their face.

  • When it comes to temporary workarounds to the situation, 64.8% switched to passcode lock, 17% reconfigured Face ID with a mask on, 10.9% disabled all forms of screen lock, and 7.3% used a backup phone when outside.

  • 35% are holding off on buying the new iPhone 12 models because it lacks a fingerprint scanner.

  • 79% want the future iPhones to come with a Touch ID feature in some form.

  • When asked what additional security feature they would like to see in the upcoming iPhones, “in-display fingerprint reader” topped the list with 56.2% votes, followed by “Touch ID power button’ at 14.1% and “Iris scanner” at 9.7%. Other responses included “Voice Unlock” (6.9%), “Trusted devices-based lock” (6.1%), ‘On-body detection” (4%), “Trusted location-based lock” (2%), and “Pattern lock” (1.1%).

  • 23.3% of iPhone users revealed they would switch to an Android phone with a fingerprint scanner the next time they upgrade.

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