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AirFly Pro is the perfect travel companion for AirPods Pro

Noise-cancellation makes the new AirPods Pro (see my review here) and Beats Solo Pro perfect for traveling. However, you still have to the wireless headphones to in-flight entertainment. Enter the AirFly Pro from Twelve South. My AWT compadre, Steve Sande, gave his opinion last week. Here’s mine:

The wireless transmitter ($54.99) plugs into those jacks normally reserved for wired headsets and transmits the sound to your wireless headphones. It has a built-in battery that lasts up to 16 (!) hours, after which time it can be recharged via USB-C. For long-distance flights, that gives you the opportunity to use your AirPods to listen to music or movies without the need to recharge.

What’s more, it can connect two sets of headphones (regardless of brand)  to share music, movies, and podcasts with a travel companion. Not enough? Okay, the AirFly Pro, with the flip of a switch, becomes an AUX IN adapter. This means you can listen to an iPhone or iPad in an older car or a non-Bluetooth speaker wirelessly. This is handy if you’re traveling, want to sync your iPhone to a rental car, but still want to play your tuns and hear navigation while driving.

The AirFly itself is tiny and well built. It’s easy to slip into a pocket, purse, or travel bag. Conveniently, Twelve South provides a small gray velour drawstring bag to hold it all together.

The sound quality via AirFly Pro from a device that’s normally wired is good. There’s no static, no delay, and no disconnections. If you’ve got AirPods Pro or BeatsSolo Pro and spend much time on the road or in the air, this is a must-have accessory.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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