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Decluttr Survey: 70 % of U.S. Singles Would Prefer to Date an iPhone User

OK, this survey made me laugh. Decluttr, which is a service to sell old technology for cash, did a survey and found that the make, model and condition of your smartphone can make a big difference in how you’re perceived by a date. The big results?

  • 70% of singles would prefer to date an iPhone user over an Android user
  • Nearly half of women view an old phone as an immediate turnoff
  • More than one third of men feel a cracked screen demonstrates lack of personal care and financial security

Of course, being an Apple-centric website we know that iPhone users are the best…but Decluttr found that they have some bad habits. iPhone users are more likely to:

  • Make a bathroom pit stop to use their phone during a date
  • Text friends mid-date to save them from their date going poorly
  • Cancel on a date
  • End a relationship over text

Not classy at all, iPhone users! And consider this if you’re playing the mating game: while 65% of iPhone users are inclined to consider a first date with an Android user, only 53% of Android users would say the same about an Android user. Why? One Android respondent said “iPhones are overpriced and overly fragile, and if my date had one, I could potentially assume that he may make unfavorable financial and/or purchasing decisions.” Sounds like she fell for Samsung’s marketing hype…

After that young lady’s remark, it’s time to end with some nice comments from iPhone users as seen in this part of an infographic that came out with Decluttr’s press release:

That’s MUCH better!

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