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Eve Light Switch lets you easily set up a Siri-enabled lighting system

The Eve Light Switch from Eve Systems (formerly Elgato) was the world’s first light switch with Apple HomeKit technology for a light control experience, and it’s still a solid choice. It transforms any single or multi-bulb setup into a Siri-enabled lighting system, so you can use your voice to control your existing bulbs regardless of their shape, size or color.

The $49.99 Eve Light Switch replaces a single pole switch and features Bluetooth low energy technology to ensure easy setup, reliable operation, and power efficiency. It’s one of eight products in the Elgato Eve line of HomeKit-enabled accessories. Controlling your light bulbs using Siri is a cool experience, but up until the Eve Light Switch, you were out of luck if they were switched off at the wall. 

It sports a capacitive touch sensor to manually turn a light on or off. It replaces a single pole switch and is ready for DIY-ers or professional installation. Thanks to Bluetooth low energy technology, the switch doesn’t require a gateway or bridge, and is purportedly immune to cyber attacks over the Internet. 

To control the Eve Light Switch when you are away from home, all you need is an Apple TV 4 that is set up as a Home Hub. To control brightness and color, combine Eve Light Switch with a HomeKit-enabled Philips Hue setup.

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