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Apple TV — more than meets the eye

When we think of the Apple TV, we usually think of movies, TV and other entertainment we can stream to our televisions. At a Jamf session today at the Jamn Nation User Conference, we were shown how much more Apple’s set-top box can do in business and institutions.

Two Jamf speakers, Jen Veech and Alex Ekblad, showed how hospitals, schools and businesses are utilizing Apple TV in various ways. 

Hospitals are using Apple TV to turn hospital rooms into living rooms. As stated by the speakers, hospital stays are stressful for anyone, but an Apple set-top box set up in the room can make the stay much more like home. The Apple TV is used to display whatever someone in the room has on their iPhone or iPad and can stream media that the patient wants to hear or watch.

Businesses are using Apple TV in conference rooms or lobbies to display information to the public. Schools are using them to easily broadcast what is on an iPad or Mac for the whole class to see. A single student can share their project with the whole class quickly and wirelessly. The use of Apple TV is replacing traditional projectors with their bulkiness and cost.

Jamf Pro 10 server can quickly configure the Apple TVs in all the above situations to allow only what each institution wants. A hospital can automatically assign a password to each Apple TV permitting only that patient room to have access. A business can use the Apple TV in a conference or lobby room to show only specific information and prevent it from being changed. A school can allow access to only a group of iPads for a certain grade, certain apps, etc.

Jamf Pro 10 can easily let your Apple TV do much more than you ever imagined possible. Whether a handful or thousands of Apple TVs deployed, Jamf Pro 10 can quickly and easily configure them all.

Marty Edwards
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