Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Power Manager makes it easier for Mac users to be ‘green’

As the pace of technology's development continues to gain speed, so seems does our daily lives. Plus the more technology you use, the more energy you consume. So, up goes your carbon footprint. Ideally, if I had an assistant who could remind me of my scheduled tasks and would follow me around to turn things off when I'm not using them, I'd be set.


Virginia Union University announces partnership/initiative with Apple

Virginia Union University, a Historically Black College/University (HBCU), has announced a partnership/initiative with Apple. It’s designed to “create a culture of innovation by providing first-year students with a technology bundle of multiple Apple products to support their success on campus.”


British government may crack down on streaming services such as Apple TV+

As part of an ongoing strategic review of the UK public service broadcasting system, the British government says it will review the ownership model and remit of Channel 4 and consider tightening regulation of video-on-demand services such as Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. I assume that Apple TV+ would also be affected.