Thursday, January 20, 2022

Survey: 64% of iPhone users not too excited about the iPhone 13 line-up

Sixty-four percent of Apple users think the new iPhone 13 lineup is “not very” or “not at all” exciting, according to a new survey by SellCell. The site for selling old phones online says it surveyed 5,000-plus existing iPhone users. 

Here’s some of the highlights of the survey:

  • When asked what they think of the new iPhone 13 lineup, 14.4% of Apple users said it is “extremely” or “very exciting”; 21.5% rated it “somewhat exciting”; 64.1% deem it “not very” or “not at all” exciting.
  • 23.2% of existing iPhone users intend to upgrade to iPhone 13; purchase intent down 20.5% compared to a pre-launch survey published two months ago.
  • iPhone 13 Pro is the most popular choice among upgraders at 42.5%, followed by iPhone 13 Pro Max (26.3%), standard iPhone 13 (22%), and finally iPhone 13 Mini (9.2%).
  • Upgraders revealed ‘120Hz ProMotion display on Pro models’ (34.1%), ‘Longer battery life’ (25.3%), ‘Just due for an upgrade’ (15.7%), ‘Locked into yearly upgrade/trade-in program’ (10.5%), and ‘Improved camera features such as Cinematic mode, Photographic Styles, etc.’ (5.4%) as top reasons for considering the upgrade.
  • Meanwhile, ‘Lack of Touch ID’ (29.3%), ‘No major features to warrant an upgrade’ (19.5%), ‘My current phone works fine’ (12.1%), ‘Lack of always-on display’ (9.6%), and ‘Doesn’t have notch-free design’ (7.3%) are among the top deal-breakers, according to Apple users who don’t want to upgrade.
  • When iPhone users who don’t plan to buy iPhone 13 were asked about their future smartphone upgrade plans, 36.8% said they will wait for the launch of iPhone 14, 32.3% won’t upgrade in the next two years, 16.1% are migrating to Android, 11.3% are buying an older iPhone model, and 3.5% are undecided.
  • Google is the most popular brand of choice among Apple switchers at 45.1%, followed by Samsung (41.8%), OnePlus (8.4%), Motorola (3.7%), and ‘Other’ (1%).
  • 18.2% of Apple users said they intend to buy one of the new iPads, with a majority (72.6%) of them opting for the iPad Mini (2021) and 27.4% going for the iPad 10.2 (2021) model.
  • Only 7.5% said they intend to purchase the new Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch after it goes on sale.
Dennis Sellers
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