iToolab UnlockGo: iPhone Lock Removal Tool

Old iPhones never die. They are gifted to friends or relatives, sold to refurbishment firms for resale, and so on. Not everyone takes care to turn off FindMyiPhone and reset their devices prior to selling them or giving them away. That’s why you should know about iToolab UnlockGo for Mac . Find out more about this useful utility, then take advantage of a 30% discount with promo code PLAB30S at checkout.

What Is iToolab UnlockGo for Mac?

iToolab UnlockGo for Mac is an app to:

  • Unlock Apple ID without a password
  • Remove Screen Passcode
  • Unlock iCloud Activation Lock
  • Turn Off Find My iPhone without a password
  • Bypass a screen time passcode
  • Bypass mobile device management (MDM) without losing data

Why Would You Need UnlockGo?

Here are some common situations where UnlockGo is indispensable:

  1. When you forget your iPhone screen passcode
  2. You fumble unlocking your iPhone so many times it locks you out
  3. Buying or receiving a second-hand iPhone with a locked screen
  4. Face ID or Touch ID not working
  5. Your company used MDM on your personal iPhone and you no longer work for them

To give you an idea of how easy it is to use iToolab UnlockGo, here’s a short video that demonstrates bypassing a passcode:

Buying UnlockGo for Mac

Convinced? You can download UnlockGo right now, then purchase the plan that fills your needs. 

The most popular choice is the Lifetime Plan, which offers a one-time fee that is good for up to five devices and one Mac. Get the UnlockGo Lifetime Plan for $49.95 — 50% off!

Those who need a short-term license in order to unlock up to five devices can get a renewable $29.95 monthly plan or $39.95 annual plan. For businesses needing to unlock unlimited devices or remove MDM from iPhones, an annual plan is available for $355.95. 

No matter which license you purchase, be sure to use our special promo code PLAB30S to take 30% off of any purchase of UnlockGo or other iToolab apps.

Using UnlockGo to Remove an Apple ID Without a Password

UnlockGo removes many types of common locks on iPhone and iPad in minutes. In the video above, you already saw how easy it is to unlock these devices in minutes with the app. Here’s another example — removing an Apple ID without a password. 

Step 1. Download and Install iToolab UnlockGo

When UnlockGo has been downloaded to your Mac, double-click the installer to start the simple install process:

Installing UnlockGo is as easy as dragging an icon to a folder

In seconds, the app is installed. 

Step 2. Launch UnlockGo

Launching UnlockGo from the Mac applications folder, the app’s features are visible in a clean user interface:

iToolab UnlockGo’s clean and easy to understand user interface

Step 3. Click “Unlock Apple ID”, using a USB to Lightning cable to connect your device to the Mac. 

A dialog on the mobile device asks you to “Trust” the computer. 

Step 4. Bypass the Apple ID

When the following screen appears on the Mac, click the Unlock Now button. At the current time, UnlockGo’s Unlock Apple ID feature supports devices running iOS 11.4 or later that have passcode lock and Two-Factor Authentication enabled.

With the iPhone and Mac connected, click the Unlock Now button

Confirm that the Lock Screen and Two-Factor Authentication are enabled. You’ll see the standard Lock Screen on your device if it is enabled:

Verify that the lock screen is enabled

Now you’ll download firmware for your device. UnlockGo automatically detects the model of device. Select the appropriate firmware version, click “Download”, and a few minutes later the firmware is on your Mac. 

With a click, download the firmware for your device

After downloading is complete, click “Unlock Now” to begin the Apple ID unlock process:

Once firmware is downloaded, click one button to unlock the Apple ID

The unlocking process takes a few minutes, during which it’s necessary to keep the device and Mac connected.

Installing the new firmware and unlocking the device

Step 5. Set Up Your Device

At the end of the unlock process, the Apple ID has been removed and it’s possible to create a new Apple ID on the device. That’s an example of just how quickly you’ll be able to perform lock removal tasks with iToolab UnlockGo.

To see the process for other unlocking tasks, check out the frequently-updated online user manual.

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All iToolab products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, free customer support, and lifetime upgrades.

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