News items you should check out: May 4

Since Steve and I can’t cover everything, occasionally we’ll direct your attention to articles from various other sources worth your time.

° As noted by AppleInsider, the Apple Store in the MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Virginia is closing down permanently. The last day it will be opened is Friday, May 14.

° Apple has posted an article on its Newsroom webpage dubbed “A new generation of Black male teachers starts its journey in partnership with Apple.”

° Following yesterday’s release of iOS 14.5.1 and last week’s release of iOS 14.5, Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.4.2.

° According to Bloomberg, Apple exec Phil Schiller cutting commissions on apps and in-app purchases a decade ago. This is per evidence presented yesterday by Epic Games in its trial with Apple.

° Apple says there are changes coming to App Store taxes and prices in Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, and Sweden. Interestingly, while the tech giant will increase the price of apps and transactions in most of the mentioned countries, while Sweden will soon see prices decrease.

° The AirTag internal components show a tightly-packed set of internals, according to iFixIt’s teardown of the tracking device.

° Warren Buffet has hailed Tim Cook as a “fantastic manager” of Apple, declaring him “one of the best managers in the world,” during the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting.

° Testimony from financial and economics researcher Ned Barnes claims that Apple’s App Store has an operating margin of 77.8% for the App Store in the 2019 fiscal year, and 74.9% for 2018, as reported by Bloomberg.

° What if your iPhone or iPad could be a a 3D tracking, previz, and virtual production tool? It can! On the new MacVoices Live! Joshua Davies, the founder and CEO of FXhome, introduces us to CamTrackAR, their iOS/iPadOS app that does just that. You may have already had a taste if you watched Apple’s Spring Loaded event; CamTrackAR was one of the apps featured.

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