MacX DVD Ripper Pro Superhero Day: Fight Supervillains and Win!

Superhero Day

Who doesn’t love superheroes and the movies or TV shows they’ve appeared in? Our friends at MacX DVD Ripper Pro are introducing a new celebration — Superhero Day — to remind you to back up all of your DVDs to digital format and have fun in the process. 

Just click that link and build your own team of superheroes, enter your email, and you’ll have a chance to win a 4K TV, superhero figures, or movie DVDs! 

The Superhero Day Carnival!

Here’s a fun way to download free software and have a chance to win other valuable prizes. Under “Team Superhero”, pick your favorite five superheroes based on the equipment they use, supernatural powers, strength, agility, and alien ability. 

Pick five superheroes to represent your team, then pit them against Team Supervillain

Enter your email address, then click the Submit & Win Gift button, and your superhero team is pitted against Team Supervillain. Who knows? You could win a brand new 4K TV!

Now, let’s introduce you to MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

What Is MacX DVD Ripper Pro?

If you’ve never heard of this amazing app before, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the world’s most popular DVD backup app for Mac. By “ripping” or copying those physical DVD discs to a digital file format, your worries about scratching or breaking classic DVDs disappear. 

Anyone with a DVD collection probably has at least one superhero movie or TV series in that collection — and most likely many more. Would you want to lose that DVD forever when your child scratches it or the dog thinks it’s a chew toy? 

MacX DVD Ripper Pro alleviates any fears of DVD loss by creating a perfect quality digital copy that you can then play on any device.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Features and Advantages

Be a superhero to your friends and family by backing up all of your DVDs with MacX DVD Ripper Pro. It makes a 1:1 DVD copy, backing up the full contents of every DVD to MP4 video files or ISO images. There’s absolutely no loss of visual or audio quality.

Play Movies On Any Device, Anywhere

One of the downfalls of DVDs is that you need a DVD player or drive to play them on. Almost everyone has a selection of electronic devices — computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs — that can play MP4 files. Wouldn’t it be great to watch those movies or TV series on any device you want? 

Not only does a backup of your DVDs enable you to watch on any device, but you don’t have to put up with drive or disc errors either. MacX DVD Ripper Pro ensures compatibility with all devices and operating systems by converting those discs to any format you need — MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, MP3 and more!

All Disc Types Supported

It doesn’t matter how old or what kind of copy protection has been built into the disc; MacX DVD Ripper Pro can back it up. It supports brand new DVDs, old DVDs, DVDs that have been damaged, DVDs from different regions, even those with the pesky 99-title copy protection. 

There’s no need to worry about how long it will take to back up your DVDs, either. The app backs up an entire DVD in just 5 minutes, using proprietary Level-3 hardware acceleration technology that’s up to 47 times faster than open source solutions.

Easily Edit DVDs

Are there scenes in your favorite superhero movies that might be too disturbing or scary for your kids? That’s OK, because MacX DVD Ripper Pro also lets you edit those DVDs with just a few clicks. You can cut scenes, merge DVDs into a “supercut” of your favorite superhero movies, crop videos, add subtitles, and even adjust sound and video.

Using MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Want to see how easy it is to back up a DVD with MacX DVD Ripper Pro? Watch as we back up our 19-year-old widescreen special edition DVD of Spiderman. To start we fire up the app and plug in our Apple SuperDrive. 

The simple start screen for MacX DVD Ripper Pro

There’s no user manual to read; just follow the Getting Started instructions on the app splash screen seen above. We’ll slide the DVD into the SuperDrive, click the Disc button, and select then select the source DVD disc:

Select the DVD source disk, here titled “DVD_VIDEO”

Select an Output Profile

Next, it’s time to select the type of output profile for the ripped DVD file. Just want a backup file of your DVD? Use the DVD Backup profile:

Selecting an output profile is as easy as making a few clicks

See those other profiles, like “Apple Device”? Under each one of those buttons is a long list of different types of devices and suggested file formats for the most efficient use of storage.

Apple Device Profiles optimize file format and compression schemes for your device

Apple Device Profiles 

As you can see, it’s possible to select the best formats for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and so on. These profiles are preset so you don’t have to guess what file format and compression schemes are the optimum for your device.

To continue this example, I chose to rip the DVD so it would be in the best possible format for viewing on an Apple TV 4K: 

Choosing an Apple TV 4K profile in MacX DVD Ripper Pro

With a click on the Done button and then the Run button on the MacX DVD Ripper Pro main screen, the process begins:

DVD ripping in progress! MacX DVD Ripper Pro uses Level 3 Hardware Acceleration to speed up the process

A short time later, my file is ready for viewing on Apple TV:

Spiderman (©2002, Columbia Pictures) – Image from a ripped DVD

Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is about to get bitten by a radioactive spider in this scene from Spiderman (© 2002, Columbia Pictures). The ripped file looks great when played from the Apple TV, and there’s no need to grab a DVD, turn on the DVD player, wait for a system update, and so on. 

Be A Superhero! Back Up Your DVDs

That’s all it takes to back up your DVD collection to digital files. Now that you know more about MacX DVD Ripper Pro, we encourage you to check out the Superhero Day promotion, download the app for a free trial, and have a chance at winning a prize. 

Once you’ve tried MacX DVD Ripper Pro, be sure to take advantage of special pricing available now. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee that you’ll love the app, and lifetime upgrades are always included. 

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