App Tamer for Mac Lifetime Subscription

App Tamer for Mac

Some applications, particularly web browsers and older apps, continue running tasks or animating ads even when they’re idle. That uses valuable processing (CPU) power, which leaves you with less CPU power, increased heat & fan noise, and reduced battery runtime. App Tamer ($9.99 for a lifetime subscription) tames applications that are chewing up excessive CPU time and battery life on your Mac.

Its unique “AutoStop” feature will slow down or stop an application when you switch away from it, and then automatically restart it when you click back to it. Unlike some utilities that let you manually stop processes, App Tamer automatically handles the details for you. 

App Tamer for Mac Features

  • Automatically slow down or pause your apps whenever you’re not using them
  • Automatically restart apps when you start using them again
  • Reduce the CPU & battery usage of Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and many other apps
  • Tune App Tamer’s behavior to your needs: whether you’re frugally conserving battery power or feeding every last CPU cycle to Starcraft
  • Detect excessive CPU usage & decide whether to take control or let the process continue
  • Put programs you’re not using into “sleep”
  • Accelerate your Time Machine backups
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