Satechi Cybermouse: The Cybertruck of Mice

Satechi Cybermouse

Maybe you won’t be able to afford one of Tesla’s upcoming “bulletproof” Cybertrucks, but you can get the next best thing. Satechi today announced the Cybermouse, a stunningly designed computer mouse that borrows heavily from the design cues of the much more expensive electric trucks.

Satechi Cybermouse: Bulletproof Aluminum Case

Cybermouse is tough. In fact, you may never need to replace it. This accessory features an exclusive “Super-Tough” bulletproof aluminum to protect the exterior. Cybermouse also boasts long-life high-intensity LED lighting that brightens any workspace.

Powered by a single EV battery like those used in all-electric vehicles, Cybermouse works for up to one year from a single charge — even if you leave the LED glowing 24/7/365! With solar and wireless charging built in, you may never need to charge.

Cybermouse: The mouse for office warriors!
Cybermouse: The mouse for office warriors!

High Performance and Accuracy

Cybermouse is in an entirely different class of mice. The low-profile design glides effortlessly across any mousepad or surface. According to our sources, the accuracy of the mouse is 4 nanometers — that’s .00000015748 inches!

Pricing has not yet been released by Satechi. Be sure to follow Satechi on Facebook for other information including release date.

The Cybermouse Motto: “Et iocus sit in te”

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