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How to use the High-Key Mono effect in iOS 14

Photos in iOS 13 introduced a Portrait Lighting feature dubbed High-Key Mono, which uses depth mapping to simulate studio lighting and gives the sensation of either being closer or farther away from your subject. That feature conveniently continues in iOS 14.

It’s a very cool effect, but you’ll need an iPhone powered by the Apple A12 processor or better to use it. To take a High-Key Mono photo:

Open the Camera app and swipe to Portrait mode.

Swipe between the different lighting effects that appear in the bottom part of the viewfinder until you find High-Key Mono.

Take your photo by tapping the Shutter button.

A real-time preview shows you what the pic will look like before you take it. The Camera app also tells you when you’re too close, too far away or if the area is too dark. Your photo is saved in the Portrait album found under the Albums tab in the Photos app.

iOS 13 lets you control the intensity of a Portrait lighting effect even after a photo has been taken. Here’s how:

Open the Photos app.

Tap the Albums tab.

Scroll down and tap Portrait underneath the Media Types heading.

Choose the Portrait mode photo that you want to change.

Tap Edit.

Use the slider right below the pic to move the virtual light closer or further away from your subject. The former will smooth skin, sharpen eyes, and brighten facial features. The latter creates a more subtle, refined look.

Tap Done and the changes are saved.

Dennis Sellers
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