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How to use the Translate feature in iOS 14’s Safari

iOS 14 has a new Translate feature for Safari that’s, per Apple. “designed to be the best and easiest app for translating conversations, offering quick and natural translation of voice and text among 11 different languages.” 

Its on-device mode allows users to experience the features of the app offline for private voice and text translation. To translate a webpage in iOS 14’s Safari:

° Open Safari.

° Go to a website in a language you want to translate.

° Tap the aA button. 

° Choose the language you want the website data translated to.

° Tap Enable Translation

The languages you can translate to and from are based on your preferred language list. You can add more languages by:

° Open Settings.

° Tap General.

° Tap Language & Region.

° Tap Add Language.

° Choose the language from the list.

° Tap Keep [original language].

Dennis Sellers
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