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The Black Ice FLEX Apple Watch screen protector is worth considering if you’re as clumsy as me

If, like me, you’re an Apple Watch owner, I hope you’re not as klutzy as Yours Truly. Since I wear my smartwatch pretty much all the time, I tend to bang it into things (or people if I’m playing ball) and am always concerned about leaving scratches on the screen.

Gadget Guard‘s USS$39.99 Black Ice FLEX screen protector for the new Apple Watch Series 6 gives me a little peace of mind about this. As smooth as the smartwatch’s screen, it also repels smudges as well as offering protection. Interestingly, Gadget Guard says with the “shatter and chip-proof” FLEX installed, your Apple Watch is protected with a warranty backed by insurance. 

If anything does happen to your watch with the screen protector installed, Gadget Guard will reimburse you for up to $250 to fix or replace a damaged screen. However, to quality for the insurance, you have to register your Black Ice+ Flex Watch within 30 days of purchase

Installation of your new screen protector on the Apple Watch is relatively quick and pain free. First, use the wet and dry cleaning cloths to get a clean, dust-free screen. Clip on the included installation guard tool. Remove the protective backing from the screen protector and lay it down on the smartwatch creen. Use the included squeegee to press any remaining bubbles towards the outer edges of the guard.

I managed to install it on my Apple Watch Series 6 with no resulting air bubbles — and I usually have a difficult time applying any sort of screen protector without some bubbles appearing. Once applied, the screen protector has no affect on the touch sensitivity of the watch display.  

Apple says that most folks don’t need a screen protector for an Apple Watch as it has fingerprint-resistant, oil repellent coating. You may not need the FLEX protector; it’s a  a matter of personal preference.

But if you’re always banging around like me, it’s worth considering.

Dennis Sellers
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