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Seven Apple tools to help you with essay writing

By James Baxter

Whether composing a five-paragraph paper or a college application essay, in some cases, you need essay writing services that will help you complete your project with ease.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools designed to maximize your productivity and let you work on your writing tasks without being distracted.

Of course, you can always get help from essay writer services if you want professionally written essays. But if you prefer not to outsource your writing tasks, read on to learn about the top seven writing tools for iOS users that boost productivity.


Using this free iOS writing app, you can publish your work on a number of platforms. Byword helps its users increase their focus since it includes a minimalistic and slick editor that has eliminated the items that distract the user.

Its Markdown support helps you add formatting (e.g., boldface, italics, and colors) to your text without having to go through complicated menu options or memorizing long keyboard shortcuts. As an extra bonus, you can export and save your work as PDF and HTML documents.

iA Writer

iA Writer is the best option if you need a free word processor that’s packed with plenty of useful features. The app is designed to display a single page at a time. This way, there will be fewer distractions, and you’ll have an uncluttered writing window where you can express yourself clearly.

You can improve your writing using its style check feature that highlights part of the speech, superfluous adjectives, inaccurate verbs, and redundancy. It also automatically removes filler phrases, clichés, and extra fluff as you write. However, in case you need academic writing tips and solutions for your writing, write my essay online services are a more reliable option.

iA Writer features Markdown support with a status bar showing the number of words in your document. You can set the counter to display character or sentence count.


Editorial is an Apple Pro tool that comes with a host of powerful features. It also lets you preview Markdown, TaskPaper, and Fountain documents, without being forced to open multiple windows. Like iA Writer, it features syntax highlighting that lets you see your document’s formatting while writing.

With Editorial’s in-app browser, there’s no need to switch between windows to do a quick search. You can write your query in the app’s search box and find the answers you need without losing your focus. Also, its Dropbox Sync provides a customizable sync folder where you have a choice of multiple apps to edit your documents.

The app supports both “light” and “dark” modes and includes a nice variety of fonts and spacing options by default.


Apple’s Pages (pictured) is more geared toward power users and professional editors. However, it features an easy-to-use interface compared to other advanced word processors.

The app includes a multi-purpose format button that lets you do everything from styling and coloring your text to using advanced features like changing tracking, adding comments, and inserting highlights. You can also easily add text, shapes, and images to your document.

By default, the app uses iCloud so that you can edit your writing on all your Apple devices.


Ulysses boasts a simple yet effective and easy-to-use design. It also has workflow options and syncs across the various iOS devices. Its markup-based, distraction-free interface lets you be focused on your task.

The most eye-catching feature of the app is its versioned backup creation: hourly for the last 12 hours, daily for the previous seven days and weekly for the past six months. Also, anything you write is stored in Ulysses’ unified library.

Ulysses can export your documents to various formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, and eBooks.


Simplenote provides a fast and easy for writing with markdown support. It comes with powerful search functionality as well as productivity tools such as tags and pins that help you stay organized while writing.

Simplenote syncs across your devices, so you can have your notes with you at all times. Besides, you can share your notes or publish your writings online

This writing app has a minimal interface. There’s no toolbar full of formatting options or extra features. The entire interface consists solely of a sidebar with your tags and trash filters that help to stay focused


Werdsmith is a creative writing tool that provides you with an online portfolio of anything you choose to publish and a link you can use to share your works

This app helps you set writing rituals and word goals to see how much you write every day. It’s the easiest way to get into a writing habit, improve your skills, and complete your projects. It also provides five custom themes and tons of formatting options that let you personalize your writing studio.

All of the above-mentioned apps are available at the Mac App Store and/or Apple (iOS) App Stores.

Bottom Line

There are many types of essay tools on the Apple app store. If you want to write your daily routines or take notes, Simplenote is a user-friendly app that can help you on your way. But if you’re going to write a college essay or a novel, a more advanced app like Pages can be the best option for you. These tools let you stay focused and organized with your writing and help you write an effective essay.

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