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The Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall is a great hybrid case for ‘geek-aletes’

Since I work with tech gadgets and help run a website (this one, of course!), some folks would describe me as a geek. Those who play ball with me and/or know I’m an avid runner would call me an athlete. I’m both; in other words I’m a “geek-alete,” and WaterField Designs offers a perfect briefcase-workout hybrid bag for folks like me in the Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall, a briefcase-workout hybrid bag. 

One side features a padded MacBook and iPad compartment and organizational pockets for other work essentials; the other side boasts a chamber for clothes and a collapsible, zippered space for shoes. If I’m on the move, I can pack all the items I need for a quick workout between work sessions. It’s also spacious enough that I can pack enough clothes (for sports and otherwise) for weekend trips to visit my siblings. 

The roomy Athletic Workout compartment stores clean or dirty clothes. It has gold liner for easy visibility, which comes in handy to make sure your pristine iPad Pro doesn’t touch those nasty running shoes. Speaking of shoes, the shoe pouch collapses for flexibility and separates the shoes from the clothes.

A zippered front pocket holds keys, commute cards, wallet, phone, pens, and more, while the back of the Athletic Workout sports a slot for slipping onto suitcase handles.

Both the ballistic nylon and waxed canvas materials are water-resistant. The Athletic Holdall isn’t water proof, but will protect your items from the elements in rainy conditions. And the splash-proof zippers add additional water resistant protection for your gadgets.

The hybrid case also has a removable suspension strap. I rarely use it unless I’m flying. In which case the Athletic Holdall conveniently fits the “personal item” requirements of most airlines.

The Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall is priced at $429 and available in black ballistic nylon with black or chocolate full-grain leather details. It measures 16 x 10 x 8.5 inches and weighs 3.4 pounds for the canvas version and 3.1 pounds for the ballistic model (I prefer the canvas). And it meets most airline personal carry-on-item size requirements.

The Athletic Holdall is described by WaterField Designs as a “ great 24-hour bag because it can hold an entire day’s change of clothes, plus the tech gear that you need to survive during day or night.” That’s true. And if you don’t pack a lot of clothes (I can go a long time with a pair of jeans, some T-shirts, and clean underwear), it can serve as a multi-day bag.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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