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Make any Mac sound incredible with Boom 3D, on sale now!

Sure, Macs have some pretty decent speakers but if you compare them to speakers that are designed for listening to music or video soundtracks they can sound flat and unimpressive. That’s why Boom 3D for Mac was created — it’s a system-wide volume booster and equalizer for macOS that is designed to give you complete control over your Mac’s audio. This awesome utility would usually set you back $16.99, but we have Boom 3D for Mac on sale for just $7.99.

Here’s what Boom 3D does for any Mac with built-in speakers:

  • Features 3D Surround Sound unlike anything you’ve heard from a computer
  • Comes w/ built-in audio player for greater control
  • Takes audio levels on your Mac up a few notches across all of your apps & programs
  • Toggle-friendly controlled boost gives an intelligent control over the system’s audio output
  • Boats presets, 10-band, & advanced equalizers to identify the perfect settings for any scenario
  • Features special effects for audio distortion & greater enjoyment

Boom 3D requires that your Mac be running on macOS 10.10.3 or newer. Purchase Boom 3D from the Apple World Today Deals Shop today, and you’ll have better sound on your Mac in minutes!

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