Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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JNUC 2017: Final Day, Final Thoughts

Four months ago I had never heard of Jamf or the Jamf Nation User Conference. Now I feel like I have a good idea of exactly what Jamf does and how it can help health care, education, and businesses deploy and maintain Macs, iPads and Apple TVs. If you are responsible for maintaining multiple Apple products, Jamf is the go-to choice for doing so.

You can totally maintain the Apple equipment and deploy apps, set policies, and perform all admin functions from the Jamf Pro software. You can choose to run the software on premise or let Jamf run it in the cloud on their servers. No matter where you are, Jamf Pro lets you easily maintain any Apple products on your network. There are businesses now using Jamf Pro to maintain well over 100,000 Macs. Jamf Pro 10 will be available October 31. I can totally recommend Jamf Pro for any person or organization wanting to maintain multiple Apple products.

The Jamf conference was the most organized and informative conference I’ve ever been to. Sessions were available for everyone, advanced users to newcomers. They made everyone very comfortable, and there was alway a Jamf representative nearby to help you.

One of the most exciting aspects of the conference for me was meeting people. I was able to meet two Apple employees from Cupertino as well as a Microsoft Vice President. I met many other bloggers whose writing I’ve read for years.

This was a fun event and one I look forward to coming to again. The location, which you can read about in Ruby’s post, was perfect.

All throughout the conference there was food and drink on every floor. The attendees were well taken care of. The Jamf employees and Hyatt employees constantly made sure everything was just right.  JNUC 2017 is definitely one of the tech highlights of my life so far. I truly felt empty when it was over.

Marty Edwards
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