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A report from the JAMF media lunch

At the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) today the media was treated to a lunch for media only. We were given a preview of what to expect in the next two days.

Attending the lunch were a Microsoft vice president, two Apple employees, two representatives of Bungie Gaming, as well as CEOs and educators. About 30 people were present; we heard future plans of how Jamf is going to work with these companies.

Bungie Gaming was represented because they are using the Jamf software to deploy iPads to hundreds of children in hospitals. 

We learned that the healthcare industry is working to expand iPads in the hands of doctors as well as patients. JAMF software manages these to keep doctors and patients from having to do IT work.

We ate at the table with the CEO of eSpark whose software is used on Apple products in the classroom. There are case studies in Cleveland where students have raised their grades by two letters by the use of iPads with eSpark. The Apple tablets in this situation are not simply replacements for pen and paper, but are customized to each student’s needs.

The Microsoft VP told how Microsoft is working with JAMF to have Mac and Windows management working together and provide security. Microsoft now thinks of security as the person and how best to authenticate a user.

Jamf provides software that automates the management and deployment of Apple products in education, industry, and enterprise.

the authorMarty Edwards
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