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Apple Daily Report for August 29, 2017

The AWT News Update is on hiatus while my compadre, Steve, is on a road trip. In its place, I’ll offer a text-only (no podcast) summary of breaking stories with a tip o’ my hat to my former website, Apple Daily Report.

Apple may have had to sacrifice some size this year to get new features such as wireless charging into the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. According to a “trusted and reliable source,” Technobuffalo says the “s” series iPhones this year are going to be slightly bigger in every dimension.

Following a surge in Apple stock performance, Apple CEO Tim Cook has collected the maximum number of restricted stock units — totaling 560,000 shares — afforded by his incentive plan, raking in nearly $90.5 million for the effort.

Speaking of the CEO, he was recently interviewed by the The New York Times. The talk focused primarily on Apple’s investments in the United States, as well as education and protecting the environment. Cook said the tech giant has a “moral responsibility” to grow the U.S. economy.

Intel has announced its newest workstation class processors with the Xeon W family. The new processors replace the previous E5 series that was used in Apple’s Mac Pro and could be used in next gen Mac Pro expected next year.

In a piece on Apple’s troubles establishing TV-related deals, Recode says that the promised Amazon Prime Video app for the Apple TV may not be live in time for debut at the upcoming iPhone event (expected next month — perhaps on Sept. 12).

Apple will reopen two U.S. retail locations in the U.S. on this Friday: one Apple store in Omaha, Neb., remodeled with extra floor space while another in Pittsburgh, Pa., relocating to a different part of a shopping mall.

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