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Apple receives a ‘B+’ in latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report

RESCUECOM has released its 2017 back-to-school Computer Reliability Report, which compares the brand market share of computer makers with their repair share, based on the number of computer repair calls received per brand, to create an overall reliability score. The report includes desktops, laptops and tablets. 

The computer repair and tech support company says that Apple customers, including many high school and college-aged students, have always been extremely loyal. The company’s products are consistently reliable and suffer very few issues considering its market share, being particularly safe from viruses compared to other brands. This makes them ideal for teens and young adults who may not know how to browse online safely, notes RESCUECOM.

Still, the Reliability Report only gave Apple “B+” as a reliability grade. Two companies received “A+” grades: Amazon (which makes the Fire tablet) and RCA (which makes budget tablets and smartphones).

However, Apple came out ahead of Samsung (“B)” and all companies that also make desktops and laptops. IBM/Lenovo received a “C-,” Dell a “D+,” Microsoft a “D-,” Acer a “D-,” Asus an “F,” and HP, an “F.” An interesting side note: with tablets included, RESCUECOM has Apple as the top U.S. maker of personal computing devices with 23.3% market share.

Regarding that “D-“ grade for Microsoft, Backing up a Consumer Reports article, the Reliability Report says Microsoft’s Surface Studio would seem like a great device for students, but that is not the case. While extremely innovative, it is also exceedingly fragile, not good for children and teens who tend to treat things carelessly, according to RESCUECOM.

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