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Apple hire of plug-in developer shows AR/VR and Pro commitment

Amidst persistent stories about Apple developing an augmented reality headset of some sort and recent moves to shore up the company’s standing with creative professionals, the company has recently hired a developer well-known for writing Final Cut Pro plug-ins. Tim Dashwood, best known for his 360VR Toolbox plugin, has joined Apple as reported by

The 360VR Toolbox assisted creatives in making 3D videos, and sold for almost $1,000. The good news for creatives is that they’re now able to download the app and other software from Dashwood’s company for free; the bad news is that continued development of 360VR Toolbox will most likely cease.

However, having a developer of Dashwood’s stature within a company that is focusing on the AR/VR markets can only be a positive move for the creative community as a whole. Dashwood may have been hired to work on Apple-branded VR plugins or features for Final Cut Pro, so his expertise may be of benefit to Final Cut Pro and Motion, as well as other AR/VR apps that may be in the Apple product pipeline.  

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