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GIPHY Says: The most fun you’ll have all day!

OK, this is without a doubt one of the most fun apps I’ve played with in a while. You know GIPHY, the app that lets you search for or submit GIF animations? Well, they’ve just shipped GIPHY Says, a free app that takes a short video of you or someone else talking, then turns it into a GIF complete with a cartoon balloon of your words.

No, you don’t need to type in the words. GIPHY Says uses the speech recognition capabilities of your iPhone and turns what you say into text automatically. Within seconds,  you can be annoying friends, relatives and co-workers with your latest GIF creations. 

GIPHY Says takes videos in both landscape and portrait orientation — I just did these examples in landscape because they’re easier to embed on a web page. My only wish? That the app would allow you to switch to the rear camera. 

Sharing is easy – once the GIF is created, you can share through Messages, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, as well as to the GIPHY website (account required). And of course, you can send your creations through any other service via the standard iOS share sheet. 

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